15 Minutes to Get Started and Build New Habits

Training for a fight can be tough.    15 Minute Stopwatch

2 sessions a day, 6 days a week.

Tough on the body, yes.

But also tough on the mind.

Along the way you learn tricks.

You learn how to get you in the mood.

You learn who to work with, who will push you.

And you learn how to lie to yourself.

Each trick has it’s place.

Each trick can be applied to any discipline.

The Only Person You Should Ever Lie to is YOU

Lying to yourself is a great way to:

  • Get started
  • Take consistent action
  • Build new habits
  • Progress your disciplines

Getting Started

Just little lies, nothing crazy.

It’s just that sometimes the project is so long.

Sometimes the workload is just too big.

These are good times to bend the truth a little.

3 sets of 100 crunches?

Tell yourself you’ll just do 20.

Big writing project?

Tell yourself you’ll just work for 15.

See, it’s not the workload that’s the hard part.

It’s just getting yourself to start.

Consistent Action

One hard workout won’t get you jacked.

One long run won’t take the weight off.

It’s about consistency.

Sticking to the regiment.

The same is true with any major change.

To create a life you love you’ll have to be consistent.

You’ll have to stick to the regiment.

Commit to 15 minutes a day.

It adds up.

More importantly, it builds momentum.

It keeps your head in the game.

Every day.

Building New Habits

Wanna know the key to building new habits?

It’s consistent action.

And here’s the key to consistent action:

Setting the bar low.

I mean, who can fuck up 15 minutes a day?

It’s almost easier to do it than it is to carry the shame of not doing it.

And once you do your 15 you can always do more.

But at least do your 15.

Progress Your Disciplines

You’re right, 15 minutes a day won’t be enough to make big changes.

But it is enough to get started.

It is enough to stay consistent.

It is enough to build new habits.

After you’re consistent with your 15, raise the bar to 30.

After 30, bump it to 45.

But still work in 15 minute intervals.

These intervals keep you grounded.

They’re a clear indicator of whether or not you’ve put in the work.

After 45 your attention starts to wander.

Always take a short break after 45.

If you’re sitting down, get up and do something physical.

If you’re doing something physical, take a little breather.

And be honest with yourself, won’t ya?

A 10 minute break is 10 minutes.

The last person you should lie to is yourself.


Measure your 15 with a timer.

Set it and forget it.

I like to use a stopwatch.

This website is another good option.

Be careful with your phone.

It can be distracting.

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