7 Thoughts on Purpose

Cold beachMany people in today’s world live unexciting lives, just seeking to get by, living to die. As compelling as this sounds, I propose you do something different. I propose you live a life of purpose.

Purpose is a tricky subject. I’m working behind the scenes to create in depth modules and walkthroughs on how to discover yours, but it’s gonna take some time. Until then, here are some important things to ponder on the matter.

#1) It takes time

It’s not so much about discovering your life purpose as it as about uncovering it. You probably already know what it is, what you’re lacking is the confidence to accept it.

Through the years we’ve been conditioned to think Old Spice is how we should smell. We’ve been conditioned to think the television show Friends is funny. We’ve been told how to dress, how to talk, how to think, and how to act. Society has made an impression on what you think your purpose is. It will take time to dissolve this. Accept that and be easy on yourself as you figure it out. It’s not a race. This book will help.

#2) It’s necessary

Living your purpose is necessary if you wish to stop facebooking excessively. Or eating too much. Or drinking too much.

Any and all forms of instant gratification are ways to keep you from feeling the underlying discomfort most of us feel throughout our entire lives. That discomfort is your calling being neglected.

The only healthy way to quell that feeling is to “do your work” as Steven Pressfield so masterfully puts it in The War of Art – a must read for anyone seeking their purpose.

#3) Finding it changes everything

It’s much easier to get out of bed in the morning when you know what your purpose is. It’s much easier to put in the hours, to stay up late and do the work.

Uncovering your purpose is one of the most important things you’ll ever do. Make it a priority.

#4) Challenge reveals it

Confidence is key when it comes to accepting your purpose. Challenging yourself will build your confidence.

What one thing do you need to do to explode your confidence?

Practicing the discipline of goal setting is a sure-fire way to challenge yourself regularly.

#5) It changes

It’s not that your underlying purpose ever changes, but your current calling to move you toward it most certainly will.

At one point, nothing was more important to me than climbing in a ring and duking it out with another competitor. I did. For some time, I thought that this was what I was meant to do, but in an instant that changed.

Well, I saw it coming, but the moment of revelation was pretty clear –  this was not my true path. Hell, I’d known it all along, I just didn’t have the confidence to accept it. The challenge that competition presents gave me that.

#6) We each have one

You DO have a purpose – we all do. Listen up.

You have a something you can do that no one else can do. Every aspect of your life experience has played a role in who you are and how you interact with in the world. Your unique talents, skills, and abilities allow you to produce what no one else can produce. All of this has formed a unique path that no one but yourself can walk. Your calling, your purpose, are yours and yours alone.

In Spring, apple trees bear apples. Cherry trees bear cherries. It can’t happen any other way. Except monsanto (i.e. man made adjustments to something that works in harmony with the rest of existence).

Your life is the same. You have a specific fruit to bear, stop trying to modify it. Accept your calling.

#7) The ego hates it

The ego is NOT a fan of you discovering your purpose.

When you discover your purpose the ‘you’ you know changes dramatically.

The little shit doesn’t matter anymore. How you dress, what you say, who you impress – doesn’t matter. All you’ve accomplished up until that point is unimportant if it doesn’t have something to do with your craft.

The ego hates it when you accept your purpose because in doing so it becomes your top priority. Your little needs, your desire for comfort – for sleep, for pleasure, for gain – they all go by the wayside. Your world becomes your work.


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