Big Picture, Little Picture – Achieve Your Goals with This Discipline

In order to stay consistent with your goals, you need to look at the big and little picture at the same time.

You must cultivate the ability to switch between the long and short term benchmarks as needed.

Watch the video below:

Often times people don’t do this and end up overwhelmed by looking too far ahead too often, or unmotivated by keeping their view too short.

To do this, create big goals first.

If you need help with that, check out Jim Rohn’s Goal Setting Workshop.

Next, break those big goals into bite sized chunks by asking yourself – what do I need to get from here to there (your goal).

Write down everything you think you need to do.

Finally, prioritize that list by marking 1, 2, 3… and so on next to each task.


Practicing this fluctuation between the big and little picture can be done with just about anything.

It’s a mindset.

A discipline.

Do it in one area of your life and it will bleed into others.

Take running, for instance.

When I go for a run I know how far I need to go – my end point.

But while I’m running, I’m not focusing on that end point.

Instead, I’m focusing on landmarks between where I start running and where I turn around.

The Marina.

The first set of bathrooms.

The second set – turn around.

The first set again…

And so on.

This takes away the bullshit power of my brain where it says – ‘For real dude? That’s too far to run.’

I give it little tasks I know it can handle and it has fuck all to say.

By doing this, I can see the progress I’m making along the way, but know my ass isn’t done til’ I’m home.

Do that with your goals.

Do that with your business.

Do that with your finances.

Know the big picture, but focus on the little.

Look into the future, but when working limit your view to the present.

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