Conscious Use of Substances and Activities to Increase Productivity

Coffee is an excellent stimulant.

I often use it to get me up and running in the morning.

Pot the same.

I used to use it to focus and concentrate on projects I worked on.

Watch the video below:

Listen to the audio version below:

What is Your Intent?

The difference between abusing these substances and using them is intent.

Intentionally using caffeine or marijuana is different than using them to avoid your responsibilities and feelings.

The same is true for things like exercise, meditation, and planning.

We can use these activities in the same way we use substances – with a clear intention.

Moving into these behaviors with awareness of the potential for abuse and a good intent will significantly reduce your chances of abusing them.

And if you’re someone who has challenges with abusing any of these activities be wise about how you apply this information.

Don’t use it as an excuse to start messing with something you’ve had trouble controlling in the past.

One challenge I’ve worked through over the years is growing myself without identifying with my accomplishments and disciplines.

When we use substances and disciplines to change our life situation, it’s important to remember we are not them, but instead they are things we do.

In other words – don’t identify with what you do.

You Try

A good way to start applying this information is to create a list of substances you use and activities you participate in.

Once you’ve made a list, take note of the state each of the substances/activities leaves you in after use.

Finally, reflect on your day and and where each substance/activity would be most beneficial to you.

For example:

Exercise – wakes me up

Meditation – clears my mind

Coffee – jump starts my body/mind

For highest benefit my day would look like this:




Now you try.

Share your list below to help others brains get cooking.

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