The Transcendence Effect group is for discussing growth and self-development.

Acting as a place to provide community and support for awakening leaders.

I will also be sharing podcasts, blog posts, and videos around the subject.

Below are a few basic rules.

Break the rules and you’ll receive a warning. 

If the behavior continues, you will be removed from the group.




No Spam/Advertising

Using content and links that are relevant to our conversations, expanding the discussion is totally acceptable.

Using this group to promote your business, pages, channels, etc. is not.

If I think you are doing this, you’ll receive a warning. If it happens again you will be removed.

Be Respectful

Disagreeing with someone is OK.

Arguing is discouraged.

Blatantly insulting or disrespecting other group members is not allowed.

Stay on topic

This is a page about improving ourselves and the world around us.

Discussions should revolve around that.

Let’s approach these challenges with a positive outlook.