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Big News! I’m selling all my shit and getting lost.

Over the past few months I’ve been doing a lot of deep internal work, which has brought me to a fork in the road.

At this point, I’ve become very disinterested in what used to make me happy.

The idea of signing another lease – another 12 month rent, work, and repeat  – is harrowing.

I’m very uninterested in waking up in the same spot, doing the same stuff, waiting for adventure.

So I won’t be doing that.

Instead, I’ll be getting rid of everything I own and traveling cross country VIA motorbike – learning, living, writing along the way.


Over the winter I’ve been participating in a search and rescue training program (learn more about that here) that’s taught me basic camping and survival skills.

Doing so has given me the confidence to get lost for a bit.

I’m still in the market for a bike and don’t plan on leaving Seattle until the end of July, so nothing immediate.

Until then I’ll be here working as a trainer and sleeping in a bed.

I do have to get rid of all my stuff though, and that’s where YOU come in…

Identification with Information

I used to be very proud of my books.

I mean, look at all these words I’ve read –  can’t you tell I’m super serious about self development?

They made me feel good – as did all my achievements. They made me feel like I was “on the right path.”

But the work I’ve been doing has shown me how little this matters.

If I cant be happy here – where I’m at in this moment – no amount of reading is going to save me.

Of course, the paradox is I may not have made it here without a few pages, but here I be, and now the lesson comes from letting them go.

Who You’re Supposed to Be

As you grow, are you becoming more of yourself, or more of what others are telling you to be?

See, we’re all programmed.

Since birth we’re told what to do. How to walk, how to talk – who to be. (I talked about this a bit last week in 5 Whys – Self-Evaluation Through Goal Setting.)

And we follow along for some time, traveling down whatever path we’ve been taught is the right one for us.

And then we wake up.

We realize the powerful truth that all we experience is a result of our own behavior. What we’ve put in our brain, how we see the world, how we act. And so, we start changing it to get what we “want” from life.

We retrain ourselves with new programs – positive programs that help us become capable of “moving up” and “getting ahead.”

And this is all well and good, but the question is – is that really your path or just another program?

Is that the life you’re meant to live or just the life you’ve been told you deserve?

When I woke up to the programming, I never made this distinction. I didn’t know to.

In many ways, I’ve created my cultures ideal life – not my own.

Where We’re Going

Realizing all of this, has helped me become much clearer about what this site is all about – teaching you to find your own path.

Giving you the skills and knowledge to help YOU wake up and find YOUR truth.

So THANK YOU, for sticking around as I’ve worked this out.

Free Books

So from what I’ve just stated, I guess these books aren’t free in a way…

They come with a price.

If you fail to look past the words, fail to check in with yourself – they can cost you your individuality. Your truth.

Not forever of course, you can always get it back, but be wary… Others love to tell you how to be.

How it Works

1. Click here to browse titles.

2. Next, check the comments section to make sure it hasn’t already been requested.

If it hasn’t, leave a comment below noting the book you want with 1 to 2 sentences explaining why.

This is to create discussion amongst any and all who are drawn to Transcendence Effect.

3. You and I will have an exchange and I’ll ship it to your place.

Limit 1 per person (for now) and you’ll have to shoot me some cash for shipping.

So thanks for being a part of my journey.

I hope this post, these books, and this site  help you along yours.


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