Goal Setting Workshop by Jim Rohn

Sailing ship

“People with goals succeed because they know where they’re going. It’s that simple. Failures, on the other hand, believe that their lives are shaped by circumstances … by things that happen to them … by exterior forces.

Think of a ship with the complete voyage mapped out and planned. The captain and crew know exactly where the ship is going and how long it will take and it has a definite goal. And 9,999 times out of 10,000, it will get there.

Now let’s take another ship and just like the first and only let’s not put a crew on it, or a captain at the helm. Let’s give it no aiming point, no goal, and no destination. We just start the engines and let it go. I think you’ll agree that if it gets out of the harbor at all, it will either sink or wind up on some deserted beach and a derelict. It can’t go anyplace because it has no destination and no guidance.”

-Earl Nightingale, The Strangest Secret in the World

As the new year approaches we begin to set our resolutions, or in other words, we begin to set goals.

Goal setting is extremely important when it comes to creating a life you love and isn’t something that should be rushed. In my experience I’ve found 2 things that are very interesting about goals:

  1. Most people don’t set them
  2. Of those that do set them, most don’t set enough

Let’s change that.

Below is a goal setting workshop delivered by Jim Rohn. In this workshop Rohn helps you create a list of long and short term goals, will teach you to prioritize them, and will show you how to create leverage to ensure you achieve them. You’ll also learn what motivates you (what “turns you on”) and what drains you (what “turns you off.”)

This workshop takes an hour to complete, so make sure you set aside adequate time to get it done. If an hour is too long you might want to ask yourself how serious you are about your dreams.

I wish you the happiest of New Years and the best of luck on all you set out to accomplish. 

What are your goals this year? Share in the comments section below!


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