How and Why: Consistently Thinking of Others


Every morning I wake up thinking of others.

It’s a habit I’ve gotten myself into,

part of my morning routine.

I sit in bed – or make breakfast or whatever – and I think of everyone I’ll come into contact with.

I ask myself – “How can I be of service to them? What can I help them with?” and wait for an answer.

More often than not it’s something simple.

Wash dishes for my sister.

Help cook thanksgiving dinner.

Help everyone have fun by participating in card games.

It could be anything, really.

Write an article.


I’ve found this helps me do two things:

1) Keep my thoughts positive

2) Stay motivated when things get tough

Stay Positive

My mind often drifts in the AM and the PM.

I get caught up in my thinking and lose my presence.

By staying focused on helping others, on planning my day, or looking at upcoming obstacles and solutions to them – all elements of my evening routine – my mind stays on the up and up.

When I don’t do this, I provide an opportunity for negativity to creep in.

And since we’re most closely connected to our subconscious at these times – it’s important we keep our experiences positive.

Stay Motivated

Focusing on others makes tough things easier.

When your legs are on fire and you want to let go of that wall squat…

When you’re tired of starting at a screen and don’t want to write…

When you’re laying in bed and don’t want to get up…

Bring your attention to the people in your life you care about.

How you’d go through hell for them in a time of battle…

How your message could change their life…

How your getting out of bed helps you lead by example…

Thinking of others will pull you through.

It’s All About Consistency

What you do consistently becomes habit.

Consistently thinking of others with morning and evening routines will provide a new place for your mind to drift in times of struggle.

When my brother passed it was “be strong for your mother and sister” not “why me? why even bother? I can’t right now..”

Had this not been my habit at the time, who knows where this experience would have taken me.

How You Can Use This

Try it.

Stick a post-it note to your bathroom mirror or bedside stand.

When you see it, take a few moments to think of who you’ll be interacting with in the next 24 hours.

How can you be of service to them?

A compliment?

A smile?

How can you show them they’re important to you?

That you appreciate them?

I’m sure you’ll think of something.

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