Lead to Gold: Discover What You DO Want From Life

Alchemy“I’m not sure what I want…”

I hear this a lot.

Everyone knows what they don’t want – long hours, crappy customers, bad pay – but so few know what they do want.

It’s an interesting paradox.

I, too, was once completely unaware of it until someone pointed it out to me.

Change Your Focus, Change Your World

A few years back I read The Law of Attraction – not the one with the business-square, the weird one by Esther and Jerry Hicks.

Bear with me.

Esther is a channel. She interprets messages from Abraham, “a group consciousness from the non-physical dimension.”

Through books and workshops Esther and Jerry share this information with the world.

Can she really channel unworldly entities? I don’t know, I’m not a scientist.

Point is, I learned something important from this book, what you focus on plays a huge role in what you experience. 

There’s a story I like that explains this well.

The Tale of Two Salesmen

Two salesmen.

A rainy day.

Salesmen 1 opens the door:

“Wow! It’s pouring out there! How can they expect you to work in weather like this?”

Shuts the door and stays home.

Same day, salesmen 2 opens the door:

“Wow! It’s pouring out there! Guess that means everyone will be at home! Especially the salesmen!

He heads to work.

Do you see how a shift in perspective can change your reality?

Salesmen 1 looked out and saw nothing but rain.

Salesmen 2 looked out and saw opportunity.

It’s all about perspective.


Let’s learn how to discover what we do want from what we don’t want

1) What you don’t want

Write out a list of 5-10 things you don’t like about your job.


-Pay sucks

-Boss is a jerk

-I have to dress like a clown

-Drug tests

2) What you do want?

Work your way down the list, pausing at each item and asking : “What do I want?”

Write the answers down.


-Pay sucks…

What do I want? More money

-Boss is a jerk…

What do I want? Someone who knows how to communicate well with others

-I have to dress like a clown…

What do I want? To wear what I want

Keep going until everything you don’t want has turned into what you do want.


Be specific.

Instead of saying “More money,” decide on a number.

This makes things more concrete, more real.

3) Create the Path

Put a star next to the 3 most important items on your list.

In regards to each item, ask yourself: “How will I make this happen?”

Write down the answers that come up.


Lead to gold.


You now know how to get from what you don’t want to what you do want.

You can apply this same process to anything-  politics, finances, relationships, and so on. 

I highly recommend you try it in the real world. 

Next time you see something you don’t like, ask yourself “What do I want?”

It’ll change your perspective, which will change your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. 


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