You made it!

Ok, here’s what you get:

  • 3 months one-one-one coaching
    • 1 hour sessions every week (12 total)
  • Unlimited e-mail/fb messenger access to me
    • Contact me with any questions that may come up between sessions
  • Audio copies of each coaching session
    • I’ll record each session and send you mp4 copies for you to reference later
  • Future access to all of my courses for FREE
    • Including Courses on…
      • Time Management
      • Mindfulness
      • Health and Nutrition
      • Lifestyle Design
      • And much, much more…
My previous clients have experienced the following:
    • More clarity and direction
    • Increased efficiency and productivity
    • More happiness and joy
    • A more positive outlook on life
    • Improved mental dialogue
    • Reduced stress
    • Higher levels of self-confidence
    • Increased self-awareness



Let’s get started!

Look, there’s really no risk.

Fill out an application, pick a time that works for you, and we’ll get together on Skype for a consultation.

During our initial meeting, I’ll help you identify your biggest challenges and we’ll lay out a plan for taking them on.

If we both agree to work together, we’ll schedule a meeting and get going.

If we don’t – if we’re not a good fit – you keep the plan and we go our separate ways.

No pressure whatsoever on my end.

I’m in no way at all interested in trying to get someone to work with me that doesn’t want to work with me.

It’d be a waste of both our time and energy.


Let’s Get Started!

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