Regaining Momentum: How I Worked 12 Hours With a Smile Yesterday (And Probably Will Again Today)

Over the last couple days I’ve been very productive.

Not only have I been productive, but I’ve had fun doing it.

I worked for a good 12 hours straight yesterday without a break.

This is new to me, as I’m usually very focused on feeling good while I do things – and taking breaks to remain feeling good. 

Yet, I did feel good the entire time and that’s because I approached the work much differently than I normally do.

Outside Input

Every month or so I meet with a group of guys I met at the David Deida Free Man Workshop

We touch base and give advice and support to each other as each of our lives unfold.

It’s been very helpful. (For some support of your own, join the Transcendence Effect Facebook group here).

I explained that I have a lot to do, but am finding it hard to sit down and do it. That I have systems in place for overcoming procrastination and making the work more enjoyable, but I was just burnt out!

See, I’ve been working on this website for about a year now.

I have put tons of time, energy, and effort into making it self-sustaining.

So far, it isn’t.

This came to a head the other day when I didn’t receive the kind of response I wanted from my pay-what-you-want coaching offer

I was upset and frustrated at first, but once I got past it – it all made sense.

In this world we get what we put out.

You will get a certain reaction to a certain kind of behavior.

My getting upset that I didn’t get the response I wanted had nothing to do with me – it had everything to do with the situation.

What I put out wasn’t deserving of the kind of response I wanted.

If it was, the response I wanted would have occurred.


Upset and arguing with reality (that’s what you’re doing when you say: “This should happen” when it didn’t or isn’t happening) my body produced an emotional response.

Anger, frustration, discomfort. This took a bit to get past, but once I did I was able to assess the situation and come up with a plan of adjustments to make.

But all that I could think of when I sat down was how much work I had to do.

After sharing my experience with the group, I was offered some advice.

Figure out the why behind what you’re doing.

I kinda brushed it off saying I’d tried that already and it didn’t work – and I had, but not in the way he was intending.

Unable to get across what was trying to get across, he suggested I get Tony Robbins “Time of Your Life” CD set.

Having read Awaken the Giant Within – one of the books I always suggest to you guys  –  I knew how powerful his work  was.

So I picked it up.

It wasn’t cheap ($160) – but I’ve learned to see these kinds of purchases as an investment.

When I’m investing in my ability to be more productive and I know I’ll enjoy life more when I am – it’s an easy decision.

While searching for the set online I found an introduction to the full version on apple music. 

Time of Your Life

The rules he shared for getting to work were simple: figure out what you want, get emotional about it (in a good way), THEN figure out how to do it.

‘We’re emotional creatures,’ Robbins explains, ‘the reason we do or don’t do things is because of the emotions attached to them.’

In other words, when we don’t have enough positive emotion, it’s hard to do.

He gives the example of the man who invented Morse code, Samuel Morse.

The reason Ol’ Sammy was driven to invent this was because his wife had passed and he was unable to get a message to her.

If he could find a way to deliver messages in a split second – no one would have to experience this again.

Emotionally driven, he made it happen.

So question is – why is it I’m doing what I’m doing?

When we attach that to what we have to do – it becomes easy – it becomes enjoyable to do it.

Here are the steps Robbins suggests we take:

1) Get Clear on Your Outcome

What is it you want, exactly? 

When you don’t know what you want – when you aren’t clear on the outcome – it’s hard to sit down and do the work.

When you know exactly what it is, not only do you know what you’re working towards, but you know when you’ve accomplished it (or not).

If you say – I want to lose weight – and you lose 1lb, you’ve accomplished your goal. Congrats! But this probably isn’t what you mean.

If instead, you’re more specific and say I want to lose 15lbs – then when the 1 falls off you know there’s still work to be done.

‘It isn’t that we aren’t achieving what we want,’ he explains,’ it’s that we’re not specific and because of that we are getting what we’re asking for – but it isn’t all that we want.’ (very paraphrased)

So get clear on the outcome.

I want to increase my income by $500 a month.

I want to lose 15lbs in the next month.

I talked about this in episode 19 of the Transcendence Effect Podcast.

2) Attach Emotion

Once you’ve gotten clear on what you want, you’ve got to get clear on why you want it.

Why do you want to lose the weight? What will change in your life if you do?

Make the answer very emotional.

I want to lose weight so I have better health.

I want to lose weight so I have more energy to play with my kids.

I want to lose weight so I can attract the perfect partner into my life.

Whatever it may be – get very emotional about it and you’ll have the energy to see it through.

3) Figure Out How

NOW you can make your list – after figuring out what you want specifically and why you want it.

Now ideas will just flow.

And what’s more, you’ll have the energy to execute them.

You’ll see the benefit in doing so. You’ll feel the benefit in doing so.

I’ve been applying this the last couple days and am feeling awesome.

I highly recommend checking out the condensed version I mentioned earlier on apple music.

You can do that here.

And if you don’t already have an apple music subscription you can get a three month free trial by clicking here.

FYI: Apple will kick me a couple bucks if you decide to pay for the subscription after that. But I wouldn’t suggest it if I didn’t believe it was worth it. Hell, I use it. Been a good investment.

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