Start Your Day Right – A Short List of Empowering Behaviors

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How we start our day has a huge affect on how it plays out.

Below I’ve compiled two lists:

One of empowering behaviors that will start your day off on a positive note

One of disempowering behaviors that will scatter your attention, and leave your mood and focus at the whim of the world.

You can use these lists to create a more empowering morning routine.


Empowering Behaviors


Smiling releases dopamine, the feel-good neurotransmitter.

The more we practice being in a good mood, the more often we’ll be in a good mood.

Smiling right when you wake up – before you even get out of bed – is a great way to start your day.

Give it a shot.

Practice Gratitude

Giving thanks for what we have is an excellent way to improve our mood.

As with smiling, practicing the feeling of gratitude will help us be more grateful as the day goes on.

Grateful we even have a car when it breaks down.

Grateful we even have a job that we don’t like.

Rattle off a few things you’re grateful each morning and you’ll start your day on the positive.


Journaling gets our thoughts out of our head and onto paper.

It’s a great way to clear your mind.

I journal every morning for about 15 minutes.

When I head towards work I’m not thinking about anything that happened yesterday or the day before.

I’m free to focus on what I’m doing.

Try it:

1) Grab a journal

2) Set aside 15 minutes each morning

3) Write


What better way to start your day than learning about something you love?

Grab a book on your craft (or a book about uncovering your craft) and start your day on a knowledgable note.

This will provide you with plenty of interesting things to think about throughout the day. 

Apply that knowledge when and where you can.


Your body isn’t meant to sit around all the time.

Starting your day with a workout is a great way to start the day. 

I’ve found few things more satisfying than realizing it’s not even 8AM while I’m in the middle of a though workout. 

While the world sleeps, work.

Set your alarm an hour earlier and give it a shot.


Morning meditations are one of the most powerful behaviors I’ve picked up.

They set you up to handle all sorts of challenges with a calm, collected mind.

Shut your brain up for a minute each morning.

You’ll be glad you did.

Try Headspace if you’re new to meditating.


You should eat breakfast.

Eating gives you fuel to think.

Thinking is important for getting things done.

Eat breakfast for a week and see how much more productive you become.

Inspiring Quotes

Fill a stack of notecards with some inspiring quotes.

Read them while you make your breakfast and get ready for the day.

Again, it brings positive thoughts and ideas into your day.

Check out my twitter feed for some good ones.

Motivational Movies

YouTube is full of inspiring videos.

Bookmark a few that get you psyched to be alive.

Here are a few channels to check out:

Preston Smiles

You Are Creators 2

Mausteuz M

Plan Your Day

Knowing when you have to do what is much more relaxing than the alternative.

Take 10 minutes each morning to create a list of what you’ve got get done that day.

I’m telling you, the clarity…

Work on Your Craft

Our levels of creativity are higher in the morning.

Use this.

Set aside 15 minutes each morning to work on your craft.

You’ll be happy you did.


Disempowering Behaviors

What we certainly don’t want to experience each morning is anxiety and uncertainty.

Below is a short list of things that will give you that.

Checking Social Media

Just like juggling more than one task, juggling more than one train of thought is a very ineffective way to do things.

Mornings provide us with a clear mind – a blank slate to work from.

Don’t start your day by clouding it up with an uncontrollable news feed.

No social media until you’ve been productive.

That’s my rule anyway.

You’ll have to determine what productive means to you.

Checking Your Email

Just like checking our social media, checking our e-mail puts us in a vulnerable position.

People often want us to do stuff for them.

The boss needs x done.

Your cell phone provider has a deal for you.

Deal with all these things later, don’t start your day dealing with them.

Get things done, get your mind right, then check your e-mail.

Reading the News

Same as social media and e-mails.

Watching TV

Starting to see a trend?


I hope you’ve found this list informative.

I know a lot of it is obvious, but sometimes we need a reminder.

In order to take immediate action with this new knowledge, choose 1-3 of the empowering behaviors to do right when you wake up.

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