TE 19 – Making NY Resolutions (AKA: GOALS) More Attainable

Ever wonder why so many people can’t stick to their New Years resolutions?

Ever set a resolution yourself, but fail to see it through?

In this episode we’ll discuss how to set more clearly defined goals.

We’ll also talk strategies to make accomplishing your goals easy and fun.

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In This Episode

  • Learn how to measure abstract goals – and why you’d wanna do it!
  • Take steps that create leverage and momentum that keeps you moving forward
  • Learn why you need to enjoy the journey goal setting provides

Major Bonus!

Items of Interest

  • Transcendence Effect Facebook Group – Join the TE Facebook group to meet other badass people who are living life to the fullest!
  • Meetup.com – Excellent website for finding like minded individuals to team up with as you work towards your goals!

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