TE 26 – Social Influence – The 5 People You Hang Out with Most

Ever take on a new endeavor and receive more criticism than support?

Ever feel like the people closest to you are holding you back?

In this episode we’ll explore the importance of growth-oriented friendships – how to spot them, how to create them, and how to end those that aren’t them.

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In This Episode

  • Understand how the people we hang out with affect our lives every day

  • Discover how to keep your friends AND grow yourself into a better person

  • Learn how to let go of relationships that are not conducive to your growth

Items of Interest

  • The TE Facebook Group – for community and accountability

  • Meetup.com – Great place to meet like-minded people to spend time with

  • How to Win Friends and Influence People (affiliate link) – Douchey name, great book. Learn to increase your communication skills with this classic.

  • Headspace – App that will teach you to meditate, leading to more presence in your face-to-face interactions

Inspiring YouTube Content

  • Ram Dass – Teacher of love and awareness.
  • Jim Rohn – Old time personal development coach. Paved the way for Tony Robbins and a few others. Shares really simple concepts that will help you see the same shit that gets in your way in an way that empowers you. 

  • Tony Robbins – The #1 personal development coach out there. Not just inspiring, but with systems and processes that help you implement big changes in your life today.

  • Alan Watts – Profound speaking about life that centers around buddhist philosophies. Some great aha moments here.

  • Eric Thomas – The “want it more than you want to breathe” guy. Passionate as fuck. You can also download some of his free audio mix tapes by clicking here.

  • Gary Vaynerchuk – Serial-entrepreneur with inspiring videos around authenticity and social media marketing. 

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