TE 27 – Improving Your Life and Work with Alberto Robledo

Like attracts like.

On my way back from Seattle last week, I met a very interesting individual.

We had both attended the same Tony Robbins/Gary Vaynerchuck seminar and struck up a conversation.

This is a recording of two people talking growth, personal development, and how their lives have changed through deliberate and not so deliberate action.

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In This Episode

  • Learn how self-development can impact your life, income, and relationships

  • Learn 3 exercises for cultivating more presence in your day to day

  • Better understand the difference between your authentic self and the ego 

  • Know how your emotional state effects your life experience

Items of Interest

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  • Tony Robbins – The best of the best when it comes to personal growth and development. Check out his Youtube channel here.

  • Gary Vaynerchuck – Inspirational entrepreneur with a lot to say. Very authentic, very real. Check out his YouTube channel here.

  • Headspace – App that will teach you to meditate, leading to more presence in your face-to-face interactions.

  • The Way of the Superior Man – Great guide for cultivating more consciousness in your work, play, and relationships.

  • 8limbs.us – Sylve Von Duuglas-Ittu is an American Muay Thai fighter training and competing in Thailand at an incredible rate. Check out her blog here and my interview with her here.

  • Ego is the Enemy – Mentioned by Alberto in the podcast. Book that explores the ego and breaks down how it isn’t working for you.

  • Toastmasters International – Non-profit international organization that will help you develop your ability to communicate well with other beings (mostly humans).

Inspiring YouTube Content

  • Ram Dass – Teacher of love and awareness.
  • Jim Rohn – Old time personal development coach. Paved the way for Tony Robbins and a few others. Shares really simple concepts that will help you see the same shit that gets in your way in an way that empowers you. 

  • Tony Robbins – The #1 personal development coach out there. Not just inspiring, but with systems and processes that help you implement big changes in your life today.

  • Alan Watts – Profound speaking about life that centers around buddhist philosophies. Some great aha moments here.

  • Eric Thomas – The “want it more than you want to breathe” guy. Passionate as fuck. You can also download some of his free audio mix tapes by clicking here.

  • Gary Vaynerchuk – Serial-entrepreneur with inspiring videos around authenticity and social media marketing. 

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