TE 30 – Ayahuasca- What’s Your Medicine? with Lane Carlson

Ever eat acid?

Ever trip on shrooms?

If so, why did you do it?

How did you prepare?

For many, psychedelics are becoming a means of major healing and ego dissolution.

In today’s episode we speak with Lane Carlson – a facilitator of other-worldly experiences.

Specifically, we discuss Ayahuasca – a sacred plant medicine that’s been used for thousands of years for healing purposes.

Lane shares his experiences with the medicine and what you can do to prepare for your own.


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In This Episode

  • Learn all about Ayahuasca!

  • What it takes to go on a journey

  • How to prepare for a journey (and any substance for that matter)
  • How to integrate what you learned from your experience into your life

Items of Interest

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  • DMT: The Spirit Molecule – I can’t remember if we discussed this, but it’s an excellent documentary if you’re intrested in learning more about the psycho-active ingredient in Ayahuasca

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