Below is a mixture of free and paid resources to help you on your self-development journey.


Here you’ll find various guides for creating a life you love. From tips on discovering your passions to workshops on setting goals – you’ll find the best resources I’ve been able to round up below.

Passions Finder Guide

A great tool for those that don’t know where to start. My free Passions Finder Guide will help you figure out what you REALLY want from life.

I recommend doing this before setting any goals.

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jim-rohnJim Rohn’s Goal Setting Workshop

Best goal setting workshop I know of!

Rohn will help you set a ton of goals in multiple aspects of your life. This immediately changes your perspective of what is possible, making it very hard to not get to work once it’s over.

I recommend completing my free Passions Finder Guide BEFORE doing this workshop.

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Week Plan Tutorialweek-plan-cheat-sheet

Time management – an important skill to develop if you plan on creating a life you love.

Here’s my step by step video breakdown on how to review and plan your week.

Don’t forget to download the Week Plan PDF to follow along!

Watch the video

Download the Week Plan PDF

Audio Input

Audio input is great cause you can take it in while you drive, workout, walk – whatever. It also helps you internalize information a lot better than just reading or watching it.

Below are some of my favorite podcasts, speakers, and audiobooks to help you improve your thoughts and in effect, your world.

internet-business-masteryThe Internet Business Mastery Podcast

The Internet Business Mastery Podcast provided me with the blueprint and inspiration for creating this site.

Imagine the freedom of having an online business that earns you money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from anywhere inthe world.

This podcast will teach you to do just that.

Listen to the podcast

Eric Thomaseric-thomas

One of the top 5 motivators in the world.

Eric Thomas has created a handful of free “mix tapes” that work as excellent  motivation for getting started and giving it your all.

Also be sure to check out his YouTube channel and iTunes discography.


Inspire and grow your mind through new information. Below you’ll find books to help you change your perspective and get more of what you want from life.

Think and Grow Rich

Think and Grow RichThink and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill is a self-development classic. I’ve read this book tons of times, and still find myself thumbing through when in need of inspiration.

What I’ve concluded was most useful to me in this book is Hill’s simple breakdown of the ingredients required for success in any domain. I also found his lessons on how powerful the effects of information we ingest through our eyes and ears to be invaluable. Thanks to Hill, I’ve learned to monitor what I see, hear, and do in order to maintain sovereignty over my thoughts and decisions.

Now parts of this book can be confusing or even seem strange during your first read, but in time the lessons taught will prove themselves true in your day to day life. You’ll find things clicking and over time, your perspective and behaviors will shift dramatically if you’re truly committed to change.

I really can’t stress how important this book has been for me in taking control of my life. It’s not just a book about success strategies and tips, it’s a classic that teaches the reader how to have a solid understanding of what is required for success and a plan to enact it.

Get it today! (affiliate link)

The Easyway to Stop Smoking

The Easy Way to Stop SmokingThe Easyway to Stop Smoking is a must read for anyone who smokes.

I smoked for a solid 5 years before I decided it was time to give it up. It would take me another year to finally put out my last smoke. This book is what finally did it.

Trying to stop smoking is a terrible experience. It sucks. You go a day, a week, a month without a cigarette and feel great the entire time. Then all of a sudden, the urge is back, this time in the form of a rationalization. “I’ll just try it out. I’m way over it, no way I’ll start smoking again.” You light up, take a drag, and regret every second of it. Feeling bad you figure “I already had one, might as well have another.” You’re back in the trap.

After a year of this vicious cycle, a friend recommended The Easy Way to Stop Smoking, a book her aunt (smoker of countless years) had read in a single night and never smoked again. I was sold. I picked it up and did the same.

I can’t describe what it’s like when you finally realize you’ll never smoke again. It’s a powerful moment – one of my FAVORITE feelings of ALL TIME. FREEDOM. No more talking yourself through the problem, no more rationalizations, no more wishing you could. It’s over. You’re free from those disgusting sticks of tobacco that had control over you for so long.

Quit smoking today! (affiliate link)

The Power of NowThe Power of Now

Ever interested in learning about mindfulness? The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle is a great place to start.

Most of us live our lives worrying about the past or feeling anxious about the future.

I’ve been there myself.

We spend so much time in our heads, going over possible outcomes and variables we ‘should have’ done differently that we hardly leave ourselves any mental energy to enjoy life.

The Power of Now book will help you let go of all that mental chatter, making life infinitely more joyful and fun.

The Power of Now teaches the reader the priceless art of presence – the ability to live in the moment and enjoy life with a deep sense of happiness.

If you’re someone taking the leap, making a commitment to the path less traveled, this book is a MUST for amplifying your experiences throughout the journey.

Present up your life today! (affiliate link)

Who Moved my Cheese?Who Moved My Cheese?

Who Moved my Cheese by Spencer Johnson explores four common reactions to change through a short story of mice and men, a maze (life), and that ever illusive cheese (reward).

Johnson reminds us of a few timeless principles for problem solving that may sound familiar, but are often forgotten.

Principles like accepting the current situation, paying attention to patterns, and focusing on new possibilities instead of dwelling on the past. All of these strategies are key to successfully navigating the maze of life with a positive outlook, getting out of it a favorable cheese.

I recommend this book to anyone experiencing change in their life or facing turbulence at work, in a relationship, or perhaps with a bad habit. It’s quick, fun, and easy to digest. What more could you ask for?

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Below you’ll find apps and software I use to keep my life organized and on point.


Excellent cloud service for storing and accessing files and documents across just about every platform imaginable.

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Audible has the biggest library of audio books on the net!

Audiobooks are great for anyone with a long commute or a swamped schedule.

Also excellent for internalizing good information – reprogramming, if you will.

Try Audible and get 2 FREE audiobooks! (affiliate link)



Super convenient tool for keeping all your notes organized and in one place. Evernote integrates with just about everyplatform. Allows for audio, text, and photo notes. Great for making check lists and organizing your goals and aspirations.

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If you’ve ever thought of starting a meditation practice, Headspace is for you.

With TONS of free guided meditations, this app will take you from a never done it to an expert in no time!

Click here to start your free 10 day trial.

Egg Timeregg-timer

The Egg Timer is a free online timer.

I often use a timer when I sit down to work. It keeps me from having to think about when I can take a break.

I recommend starting with 10-20 minute work intervals with 5-10 minute breaks.  Ideally, 45 minutes of work with 15 minutes breaks.

Bookmark it for easy access.

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Instead of paying $1 a track for music, I recommend signing up for Apple music where you get unlimited music downloads
for just $10 a month.

This is a great resource for building a positive music library.

Many motivational speakers also have albums available for download here.

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Below are some of the supplements I use to keep my mind and body in good working order.

Alpha Brain

Alpha BrainIf you’re like me, your mind has the tendency to drift at the worst times – in the middle of a test or project, during a meeting that matters, on a hot date – that’s why on days I really want to focus I have Alpha Brain handy.

Alpha Brain increases my focus and ability to verbalize my thoughts. Working one-on-one with people all day, this is invaluable. It’s also helpful when writing or working on the computer. Instead of having a stupid voice in my head reminding me to check Facebook or read some dumb article, the voice keeps me on track with whatever I’m working on. It’s keeping me on track right now!

All-natural and proven to work by scientists, this is a great tool for ensuring you have focus and attention when it’s most important.

Give it a try with a no risk 90 day money back guarantee.

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