Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within 2017 – My Review

Tony Robbins.

Know the name?

Odds are you’ve heard it – especially if you’re intersted in personal growth. 

For those that don’t, he’s a master coach who’s hired by the best of the best – Serena Williams, Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, and many, many more. 

Apart from one one one coaching, writing books, podcasting, countless acts of service, and having his hands in some 31 businesses, Robbins also puts on the most incredible events for growth and change the world has ever known.

He’s got a popular documentary that takes the viewer inside his “Date with Destiny”  event on Netflix right now as well.

In this article I share my experience at his “Unleash the Power Within” event in Palm Beach, Florida.

Watch my video review of this event below!

Unleash the Power Within

“Unleash the Power Within” (UPW) is Tony Robbins most popular live event.

It takes place in different locations around the world and lasts for 4 days.

People come willingly and others are dragged by loved ones to break into the world of personal growth and development and make massive changes in their lives.

Can You Really Trust this Guy?

To be quite honest, I have always had an err of caution when it came to Tony Robbins.

I’m not entirely sure why, but I know the collective narrative around personal development coaches had a lot to do with it. 

“They’re scam artists.”

“They’ll just take your money and split.”

“How could they help me?”

It’s quite strange the negative view we have on this genre of people.

I’m often curious if it’s because there has been a history of scammary in this field or it’s just another way we sub-consciously keep ourselves comfortable and small – by naysaying opportunities for growth.

Regardless of where it comes from – it’s there.

I had it too, so I don’t know what I could say to completely silence it in anyone else.

What I can suggest is a couple rational concepts for you to think on…

  1. Robbins has been putting on these seminars for over 20 years.
  2. He’s worked with and been praised by the best and the brightest
  3. His events have impacted the the lives of more than 50 million people

50 million people!

You’d think if someone was scamming their way through life they would be found out by the first million or so… right?

My Unleash the Power Within Experience

From the outside, Robbins events look pretty strange.

Just imagine 9,000 people ecstatically jumping up and down to every hit song ever made with lights, cameras, and high fives flying all around.

It looks pretty suspect.

Yet all of these elements – the lights, the music, the dancing – play a major role in Tony’s approach to helping people transform themselves and make a massive positive impact on their nervous systems.

Mass Hypnosis!

Straight up – the event itself is a massive hypnosis session.

For four days straight Tony helps the audience adopt more empowering thoughts, beliefs, and associations around the things that are important to them – their friends, families, career, health and well-being.

By using carefully selected songs, powerful visuals, interaction and connection with others, meditation, and much more, Robbins helps people re-train their sub-conscious mind to move towards what they want in life and away from what they don’t.

Personally, I’m all for it.

If this guy has found out a way to help people re-program themselves for the better – I totally back it.

In my experience – he has.

Pain and Pleasure

Nature indoctrinated us with a very powerful survival mechanism most of us are completely unconscious of.

This system drives all of our behavior – both good and bad.

It’s why some of us contribute and serve while others take advantage and manipulate.

It’s what drives us to eat well and also what drives us to overeat.

All actions – empowering and disempowering, good, bad and neutral – are driven by our need to move away from pain and towards pleasure.

This is called the pleasure principle.

It’s the pain of seeing others in lack that causes one to give.

Or perhaps it’s the pleasure of giving that does it.

It’s always one or the other – or both.

Pleasure of looking good and being healthy drives one to take care of their body, yet another numbs pain through overeating, finding pleasure in sweet and salty snacks.

This pain pleasure system works pretty damn well if you think about it.

It keeps us alive and prevents kids from touching hot stoves worldwide.

A Wrenched up Gear

But sometimes this model gets out of whack – like mentioned above where one eats to numb herself, finding pleasure in actions that are self-destructive.

By just understanding this pain/pleasure principle people can begin changing their behaviors by consciously associating tons of pain to behaviors they want to stop while associating equal amounts of pleasure and joy to new behaviors they’d like to start. 

In doing so, one can reprogram their survival machine (body and mind) to automatically move towards things we want while avoiding things we don’t.

Robbins is a master of this.

The UPW Environment

The easiest way to describe the atmosphere of the event is as such – it was the best party you’ve ever been to.

I’ll explain…

The energy is high and everyone is happy.

Epiphanies are being had and people are meeting, connecting, and sharing parts of themselves they may have never shared with anyone with complete strangers.

People are growing and loving and learning.

Robbins is on stage leading the whole event with the help of his light and sound crew to amplify the impact of each moment with the perfect addition of input.

Someone has a breakthrough and “Don’t Stop Believing!” comes through the speakers.

A meditation is underway and the lights are dimmed.

We celebrate a massive internal shift and the beat drops – strobes flashing.

The entire environment is designed to increase the depth in which all the information and insights you’re gaining lands in your nervous system.

Instead of the traditional way of learning – by taking in information and trying to recall and utilize it later – we took in the information and utilized it immediately.

It’s genius, really.

Best part is – everyone is sober. 

No need for substances when you’re growing immensely, learning to consciously change your emotional states.

Which is what we’re all after when we use a substance anyways – a change in our emotional state.

To feel different.

What if you just learned to change your emotional state in a different way?

That’s one of the truly powerful insights Robbins teaches.

Emotions come from within.

We may not always be able to control them, but we can recognize what emotion we’re playing out and shift it if it’s not serving us.

Peak States

“Where does energy come from?” Robbins asks the audience.

Participants say things like food, sleep, coffee – but he disagrees.

“Ever experience a time where you sleep for 12 hours and you’re still tired? How about a time where you stuff yourself full of food – say Thanksgiving – how much energy do you have then?”

“Energy,” he says, “comes from your emotional state.”

When we are in lower emotional states (anger, sadness, depression, etc.) our energy levels and ability to see possibilities and outcomes is significantly reduced.

In higher states of emotion  (happiness, love, joy, excitement) the opposite is true.

To understand what I mean, just think back to a time when you were sick and bed-ridden.

Were your energy levels high or low?

Were you happy and cheerful or irritated and angry?

If you’re like most people, you were probably a little less active and energized, probably not in the best state to give a speech or inspire others to change their lives.

Knowing that our emotions control this much of our lives, we can take it upon ourselves to train the emotional states we want to experience more of.

Through practice we can learn to do this quickly, choosing emotional states that work best for whatever activity or event we are participating in.

Putting it All Together

Employing all these principles (and many more) Robbins uses the four day event to create a massive shift in the nervous system of nearly everyone in attendance.

You see, there is a way to program the human body and mind and people have been doing it to us for years.

Advertising, propaganda, music, television, the radio…

Robbins does the same thing, but with one distinct difference – he shares those techniques with the world, encouraging anyone who’s willing to listen to use them on themselves to change their lives for the better.


So do I recommend going?

You’re damn right I do.

I’ve never had an experience more profound in my entire life.

It was incredible.

And it was so much FUN!

What a vacation is supposed to be like!

If there was a way to help you kickstart your life into gear – to start making massive changes to your health, wealth, and relationships – wouldn’t you want to capitalize on it?

Well there is – it’s called “Unleash the Power Within.”

You may not find all the answers you’re looking for there – but it’s almost impossible to find nothing.

I highly recommend you check it out.

Your Voice Matters!

What did you think about the review?

Does UPW sound like something you many want to attend?

If so, click here to get more info.

If you’re interested in learning more about Tony’s events, check out his Netflix documentary “I am Not Your Guru.”

“Awaken the Giant Within” and any other book he’s written is another great way to see if Robbins is a good fit for you.

Would love to hear your thoughts on the guy! Always makes for a good discussion…

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